Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Can't Get Enough: Instagram

Instagram is easily my favorite social networking site. I'm constantly checking it and am always on the search for who to follow. Some companies and certain people just post the most amazing photos. Edited or not. Speaking of that, what's your favorite filter? It's hard not to love "Insta", it's simple for it's easy!
Here is a list of some of my favorite Instagram accounts

They aren't in any particular order. 
1.) A Girl A Style @agirlastyle
2.) Alicia Lund @cheetahisnb
3.) Amber Venz @venzedits 
4.) Blair Eadier @blaireadiebee
5.) Bradley Agather @bagather 
6.) Brooklyn Blonde @brooklynblonde1
7.) Caroline Kapp @carolineincity 
8.) Emily Schuman @emilyschuman 
9.) Fabulous Kelly @fabulouskelly 
10.) Merritt Beck @merrittbeck 
11.) Rachel Zoe @rachelzoe 
12.) Sally + Molly Miller @apieceoftoast
13.) The Pink Diary @thepinkdiary 
14.) The Doors of New York @thedoorsofnewyork
15.) Meg Biram @megbiram 

Those are not all my favorites but just a few. 

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