Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Simple Favorite: Risotto

Risotto has been one of my favorite side dishes since I was a little girl. It's rich and creamy and oh so yummy! Some people have never tried to so this recipe post is just for y'all! 

- 1 cup Risotto 
- 1 3/4 cup Chicken Stock {Swansons} 
- 1 medium onion {diced}
- A pat of butter 

Optional Items: 
- Milk 
- Pepper
- Parsley 
- Parmesan Cheese 

Dice the onion || Place onions and butter into non-stick pan || Sautee onions || Add dry risotto || Cook for minute || Add 1/2 cup chick stock & let simmer || Once it simmers down a little more stock || Optional: At this point you can add a splash of milk to make it extra creamy -- and a shake of parsley,  pepper, and some parmesan cheese of course || Stir throughly || Serve || Quite simple if you ask me.... 

It's a very versatile dish for you can add carrots, peas, seafood or really anything to it!


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  1. I LOVE risotto. Here is my favorite version: