Monday, April 8, 2013

Tibi Summer Print: Kaleidoscope

Last spring/summer Tibi released that "coveted like crazy" print - The Arizona print. Bloggers such as Blair Eadie from Atlantic-Pacific were quick to feature the print, and in my opinion it was a hit all summer long. Tibi released several different versions of it during the summer and each one sold out very quickly. However, I was lucky enough to get an Arizona print top on sale towards the end of summer. Yes, I waited until it was on sale because let's face it, to own Tibi you have to pay a pretty penny. So while I'm swooning over this print now, I'll have to wait for a bit of time till I can actually purchase one of these pieces. And if you think the black is too harsh there is a pastel version as well - they also have new daisy prints that are perfectly summer on their site now.

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  1. Love that style for spring and summer! Such a cute print.