Friday, May 17, 2013

FF: Graduation

Today's the day! I'm graduating high school today and couldn't be more excited. I'm acting as if it were a normal day by grabbing lunch with a friend, going shopping and then at 2 o'clock I go to get pampered. The event starts at seven and I just cannot wait!

"Once you begin there is no stopping. You say, ah, this is the last step, the highest step, but there is always one more step. For those who want to step beyond, there is always one further step. " - Unknown Source

Quick follow up from the Amanda Uprichard post:
- The strapless dress featured is now available on their site
- The T-Shirt dress all of you loved is now available in pink
Check them out at

Friday Favorites:
- Emily Schuman's Wedding Video:
- Sam Edelman's Low Wedges:
- All of my flower pictures on Insta, I just can't get enough of all these beautiful May flowers

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  1. Oh my!! Congratulations! This is a big step forward. I remember when I graduated, I was nervous and excited, but I was glad to finally be done. Have fun!