Thursday, May 30, 2013

Happy Pinning

 Finally set up a Pinterest account, sure I'm perhaps "behind the times", but hey, it's better late than never. Last night I got to work pinning {it was a hard task...} and put together some boards and tried to pin only the best. It truly is addicting and goodness gracious there are so many beautiful pictures out there, not to mention some of the best looking food. So here's a quick breakdown of my Pinterest...

- Organization: Things look better when they're organized really pretty, right?
- Ten Kinds of Amazing: Pretty self-explanatory
- Baubles: Bauble, Bijou... you'll be seeing lots of blue bijou's in this guy
- Jean Shorts: I seriously love jean shorts so why not dedicate a board to them...
- Black & White: B/W photography, black ensembles, white ones, and some combo's too
- Stripes: Just going to keep feeding my addiction
- Shoes: Who doesn't like to look at pretty shoes?
- Pastel Please: While I love vibrant colors, there's just something about pastels that I adore
- Recipes To Try: I LOVE to cook so I'll be adding lots of goodies here
- Blog Collages: Any collage you've seen on here
- Gossip Girl: Sorry, I had to...

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And I'm not following really anyone so drop a comment with your Pinterest account name and I'll be sure to follow you!

Happy Pinning!!

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