Thursday, January 2, 2014

First CC of The Year

First round of "CC" this year! I can genuinely say I'm craving all of these items. First saw those Dannijo earrings on Luella & June and I haven't been able to stop thinking about them. They cost quite the pretty penny so I might get these instead. That RM wallet is on sale and I'm really tempted to buy it - mine's see better days. Tibi makes the best midi skirts and I seriously love this lace one. Obviously my affection for snakeskin hasn't gone away... Love both this DVF bag and pair of shorts (that print comes in a dress, skirt and tops too). I NEED those framed butterflies {my obsession, if you didn't know}. Those Loeffler Randall espadrilles are calling my name. Yes, I still need to send some thank you cards out from Christmas... whoopsies. All blue with a cream Celine - SWOON. And lastly, who doesn't enjoy a good bubble bath?

And gosh I can't wait to switch over to Wordpress! Everything is so much cleaner and the images lay flat... unlike above. Be sure to stay in touch with TBB so you know when the big day is!


  1. Loeffler Randall's entire Resort '14 collection is to die for! Great picks!

    The Style Scribe

  2. I think your going to find more butterflies than you know what to do with in 2014. Do you have a favorite candle to burn in the bath? Debra

  3. Sugar Lychee sounds so delicious! Love these picks!

    xx Jen
    Skirt The Rules