Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Road Trip Essentials

Summer is road trip season in my humble opinion so I thought I'd put together my road trip essentials. Trust me I've been on quite a few road trips... Alabama to Washington state and Washington state to Louisiana were the longest though. Why would a family ever drive that you might ask? Well, our family dog, Blackie, is just too loved to be put on a plane (he's too big to fit under a seat so he would have to be put underneath) so we drove across the country for him.

Enough about Blackie and back to my road trip essentials!

  • Good music. Preferably sing a long music, songs that you know every word to. Let's be honest it's fun to belt out your favorite song. 
  • Snacks. No brainer here, you get hungry (and bored) when you're just sitting in the car for hours. 
  • A good book and a pillow - if you're not driving! Snuggle up, start reading and the time will pass on by. 
  • Get creative if worst comes to worst. My mom and I usually play name games... New York or San Francisco? Or who would you rather be neighbors with... Blake Lively and Ryan Reynolds or Rachel Bilson and Hayden Christensen?  
Lastly, I have some big news for y'all! The new TBB debuts next Monday!!! 

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