Friday, April 12, 2013

Currently Craving: Ace & Jig

I first heard about this line when one of my friends was wearing the dress featured above. She said she had just gotten it from Shopbop and I seriously have seen the brand all over the web since then. Bradley from Luella & June featured that tank yesterday and many other bloggers have been chatting about Ace & Jig. So hey I thought I'd join... And it's perfect for Coachella which is the other post I put on the blog today.

Quick Friday Favorites:
+ IndieShuffle, great website, you'll be sure to find your new favorite song there
+ C2C: Down The Road, I've had this on repeat for awhile now
+ Karen Walker Helter Skelter Sunnies
+ Butterfly prints

Happy Friday Everyone!

Images Via: Shopbop -- Clothes available from Shopbop as well as Les Nouvelles 

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